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We pride ourselves in our personal way of doing business.

ePrescribing Solution Provider


PrescribersConnection® is the premiere ePrescribing solution provider catering solely to the Long Term and Post-Acute Care community.

Our suite of products and services connects the LTPAC partner with the information and tools needed for ePrescribing success using the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard, ONC, and CMS guidelines.

PrescribersConnection is a developer and marketer of electronic prescription (ePrescription) software solutions that automate the prescription fulfillment processes for healthcare organizations and pharmacies.

The PrescribersConnection Network is a linked network of Long Term and Post-Acute Care facilities, prescribers, and pharmacies delivering fast and reliable electronic transport of census information, new prescriptions, fill notifications, resupply requests, prescription discontinues, administration reauthorizations, and suspend/resume administration notifications.


We are a strong Standards Advocate, and as a member of NCPDP, we actively participate in  several NCPDP Workgroups and related ePrescribing Task Groups.


Our participation helps set the standard for future NCPDP SCRIPT workflows and messages to benefit all parties involved in a patient’s continuum of care.


As part of our commitment to standards, PrescribersConnection requires all partner software to be rigorously certified against the NCPDP SCRIPT 2017071 Standard.  Every partner is held to the same LTPAC requirements, workflows, and testing expectations; this ensures that the systems interoperate easily and seamlessly.




At PrescribersConnection, we do not have customers, but partners, all working together to ensure that their patients and residents are being served by the latest technology and methods available which is vital for patient safety in today's connected healthcare environment.

We pride ourselves in our personal way of doing business.

From our partner’s first contact with PrescribersConnection and continuing through certification and implementation then onto support during production.

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