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LTPAC Network


As the nation’s largest Long Term & Post-Acute Care focused ePrescribing Network, PrescribersConnection has established a comprehensive network of electronic connections serving facilities, LTPAC physicians and LTPAC pharmacies. With one connection to the PrescribersConnection LTPAC Network, every partner is connected to the network. No need to set up, maintain, and support the many to many connections between partners. No need to support different versions of HL7 or different implementations of SCRIPT 2017071. Partners support one version only and one connection. With everyone certified to one version it all works together.

Joining the PrescribersConnection LTPAC Network will:

  • Allow you to have one connection to the network – saving significant costs
  • Allow you to have one certified SCRIPT 2017071 implementation – saving significant costs
  • Avoid special programming, testing, and support of those Direct connections to Partners with their own version of SCRIPT 2017071 – saving significant costs
  • Manage only your own side of the connection, not your partners – saving significant costs
  • Simplify your software’s installation with one connection to the LTPAC Network – saving significant costs

If you would like to hear more about the only Long Term & Post-Acute Care focused ePrescribing Network in the nation, fill out the form on the right side of this page.  We will contact you and get you more information about how you can interoperate with facilities, prescribers, and pharmacies and start saving time and money.

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