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Connecting for ePrescribing

By Sonya Oetting • February 6, 2017

LTC Physicians, feeling left out of the ePrescribing network?

There is a growing trend to provide additional support for the physician involvement in Long Term and Post-Acute Care. As most LTC physicians will attest, the majority of interaction at the facility is spent on patient care, providing orders (written or verbal) to the nursing staff, and various follow-ups regarding new and/or existing diagnoses, allergies, drug interactions, and orders. The nursing staff enters the orders on behalf of the physician directly in the facility software and sends them to the LTC pharmacy, with or without a final approval by the physician. What if you had access to all the information you need for patient care right at your finger tips?

With PrescribersOrders, PrescribersConnection has bridged the gap allowing the physician to communicate in real-time electronically with the facility and pharmacy! Why so important?

  • Frees up the physicians’s time.
  • Increases the patient quality of care.
  • Eliminates potential mistakes in ordering and dispensing medications.
  • Reduces rework of orders and duplication of effort to keep systems manually in-sync.
  • Enables easier Meaningful Use reporting, and allows for EPCS orders.

PrescribersOrders consolidates patient data as well as medication ordering and approval in ONE application. With the ability to view patient information across all Long Term Care facility partners utilizing the PrescribersConnection Network, you have the tools needed to make informed decisions when away from your patient’s facility.

What happens if you get a call for a patient of a colleague that you are on-call for?  With PrescribersOrders, you have the prescription order and all of the patient information at your fingertips.  Simply review the information and Approve or Deny the prescriptions.

What about Controlled Substance Prescriptions?  Need a different EPCS token for each facility?  With PrescribersOrders, all the prescription orders (including those for Controlled Substances) come to you.  With one EPCS token you approve the orders from all facilities, reducing your cost and simplifying your work.

With PrescribersOrders, physicians now have the ability to create or approve new orders as well as access to critical clinical information needed for enhanced patient medication safety. PrescribersConnection’s suite of products and services connects the LTC physician with the information and tools needed for ePrescribing success.

Key Benefits:

  • All medication orders, Controlled and Non-Controlled Substances, transmitted
  • ONE login gives you web-based access to approve, create, and manage all medication orders for all your patients in all your registered facilities.
  • Ability to authorize physicians on your behalf while out of office or leave of absence.
  • Real-time exchange of resident information between registered facilities and pharmacies allows educated decisions regarding the resident without time consuming phone calls or faxes.
  • Fast implementation! We securely and safely host the solution AND data for you.
  • Includes Industry Standard Drug Database.
  • EPCS Drummond Certified with available EPCS Reports.
  • Meets NCPDP Script 10.6 Standard.


Ready to start right now? Contact us directly at 1-855-793-9773 option 6.


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