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Connecting for ePrescribing

By Sonya Oetting • February 6, 2017

Is Your Key Ring Full of EPCS Tokens?

In our previous blog, we tackled a few challenges of servicing multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities. Today, we are discussing another challenge – Electronic Prescriptions of Controlled Substances. This can be especially challenging if you service multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities. Again, these facilities most likely use software from different manufacturers.  This means if you are prescribing controlled substances, you no doubt have several EPCS Tokens; possibly one from each software manufacturer.  Keeping track of which EPCS token is for what facility can be cumbersome and frustrating, not to mention costly.

You just spent the day seeing patients at several facilities…as you were approving Controlled Substance orders you had to find and choose the correct EPCS token that goes with the facility in order to approve the prescription.  That’s annoying and a waste of time! Wouldn’t it be helpful to have just one EPCS Token?


With PrescribersOrders, all the prescription orders including Controlled Substances come to you in one place. Our easy to read order screen provides a simple list of all your patients’ prescriptions waiting for approval. With one EPCS token you approve the orders from all your facilities, reducing your cost and simplifying your work.  Time for DEA Reporting? Not a problem. PrescribersOrders complies with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) EPCS Final Rule (Interim), 21 CFR Part 1300, 1304, 1306, and 1311. With the web-based PrescribersOrders, you have access to the necessary DEA Reports anytime, anywhere for all your facilities.

PrescribersOrders not only allows for secure and certified EPCS but also allows the physician to electronically communicate between facilities and pharmacies, approve medication orders, and receive pertinent patient information in real time with a single login utilizing the PrescribersConnection LTC Network. This saves you time, money and most importantly improves patient safety.

Ready to start right now? Contact us directly at 1-855-793-9773 option 6.

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