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LTC Network

Join the nation's largest Long Term Care focused ePrescribing Network!
ONE Connection. ONE Network. ONE Certification.

The Nation's Largest Long Term Care ePrescribing Network


As the nation’s largest Long Term Care focused ePrescribing Network, PrescribersConnection has established a comprehensive network connecting LTC facilities, physicians, and pharmacies.

PrescribersConnection’s suite of products and services connects the LTC partner with the information and tools needed for ePrescribing success.

On the LTC Network, Facilities, Physicians, and Pharmacies use the One Shared Patient model.  Patient data is kept in sync using the Census, medications are kept in sync using Newrxs and Fills.  Physicians approve new medications and fully participate on the network.

Significant cost savings benefit every partner on the LTC network!

Proven workflows reduce errors and increase efficiency, patient safety is increased significantly!


Facilities, can save thousands of dollars a year when participating on the LTC Network!


Administrative and workflow costs will be significantly reduced, increasing your ROI as well as time spent on your resident's care.


Check with your facility software vendor to see if they are already on the LTC Network.  If they are let's get you connected and saving!  If they aren't enabled we can help them get certified on our network so that you can obtain these significant cost savings.


If you are a Software Vendor, getting certified and on the LTC Network will save you money AND be a value added competitive advantage.  It's a no-brainer!



Wasting time not getting your prescriptions electronically? Eliminate the faxes, the call backs, the time wasted on missing or bad information.  When the data is sent electronically and conforms to a certified standard, your savings is significant!

PrescribersConnection LTC Network requires all partner software to be Certified to a rigorous standard.  Every partner goes through the same Script 2017 Workflows and Standards testing.  This ensures that the systems interoperate.


Census messages will keep your patients in sync with the Facility's changes. Gone are the days when a Resident is moved to a different room and your drug cart is all messed up. You'll get a Census message with the Room change in it.  Didn't know they discharged a Resident?  Now you will.

The prescription came in for a brand drug but you filled it with a generic.  No need to call, the Fill message you send back will tell the Facility of the change.

Receive a Resupply request from the Facility? Great!  The patient number matches up because of the shared patient model, the prescription matches up because of the Order Number and the Rx Number match - it's all there!

Eliminate all of those direct connections to each Facility. We monitor the network and ensure messages are delivered, even if the partner is down. You won't need someone monitoring each facility's connection, we do it for you, contacting the partner to ensure messages are received.

If you are a Pharmacy and want to start saving along with avoiding payer reimbursement penalties, contact us to see if your software vendor is an approved certified network partner.  If they aren't we'll work with them to get certified and on the network.

It's time to start saving!

ONE Connection. ONE Network. ONE Certification.

"Our LTC Partner certification with PrescribersConnection has been a welcomed addition for us by allowing our pharmacy customers to quickly and efficiently integrate with numerous eHR/eMAR vendors that are also PrescribersConnection certified, via one interface while saving costs."

Prodigy Data Systems


Physicians, stop keeping track of patients in a spreadsheet or with an unconnected EHR. 


As an LTC Physician you are constantly visiting 4 or 5 facilities every week.  Keeping Resident information up to date is a constant battle.


What if you had one Login to one software where the patient information including the medications was always current for every patient in every facility?


You need PrescribersOrders on the LTC Network.

All data stored and hosted by PrescribersOrders. No need to repeatedly enter patient data.

PrescribersOrders is Meaningful Use 2015 Drummond Certified. 

Create new orders, or approve orders created by facility staff per your instructions, prior to transmission to the pharmacy.

No need to sign orders monthly, simply review and approve the prescriptions as they are sent to you from the Facility. This is the workflow you've always needed!

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