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    Enable Facilities and Physicians to electronically transmit all prescriptions

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    Improve reliability and safety of prescription fullfillment

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    Help Pharmacies improve customer service to their patients

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    Help Physicians rapidly and safely prescribe medications


As the nation’s largest Long Term Care focused ePrescribing Network, PrescribersConnection has established a comprehensive network connecting  LTC facilities, physicians, and pharmacies. PrescribersConnection’s suite of products and services connects the LTC partner with the information and tools needed for ePrescribing success. Our customers are known as partners, because that's how we treat each and every customer. As a Partner. 

PrescribersOrders by PrescribersConnection

Announcing the latest release of our single login web-based ePrescribing software, PrescribersOrders. Designed for LTC physicians and facilities who are not able to electronically connect to their LTC pharmacy, PrescribersOrders provides real-time communication between the facility, LTC physician and pharmacy using the PrescribersConnection LTC Network! Using proven Long Term Care workflows, PrescribersOrders creates and sends all medication orders including controlled substances, resupply requests, cancels, and resident demographic information (census/ADT).

PrescribersConnection LTC Network

The LTC Network is a linked network of Long Term and Post-Acute Care facilities, physicians and pharmacies delivering fast and reliable electronic transmission of medication orders, resupply requests, cancels, and census.

ONE Connection. ONE Network. ONE Certification. 


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